Thursday, 26 November 2009

Haul ♥

I got the chance to go to one of the larger shopping areas around me today so i went on a bit of a spree..

I'll start off with the two things that i got yesterday (thought i might as well include them).

Rimmel Lipstick in Summer Angel, a really pretty sheer nudey pink (the lipstick with the bronzey tube).
Tresemme Frizz Control Finishing Cream, nothing too exciting about that.

Soo.. Onto today's very exciting haul.. I managed to find a Superdrug that stocked Sleek!! I was soo excited i almost started jumping up and down lol, but i managed to refrain myself by reminding myself that people would probably think i was a bit weird if i did start jumping up and down! :) They also had a HUGE section for Gosh all to itself, I'm jealous i wish my local Superdrug was like that! Anyway what did i get..

The Original Sleek palette. Wow, when people say these are really good quality for the price they are not kidding! I don't think I've ever seen such cheep shadows with such great pigmentation, I'm impressed and i really can't wait to use this!

Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink. I think i got this just because i thought the name was super cute, but its a really nice pink colour. I'm not sure how to describe it, its like baby pink almost but more brighter. Can't wait to use this either! :) I'll definitely be going back for more Sleek products.

Gosh Stippling Brush. I already own the MAC 187 and use it for my liquid foundation, but I've been wanting a backup for a while now so i can switch when one gets dirty cause I'm so lazy when it comes to washing my brushes.. It's bad lol.

Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight. What can i say i love nude lipsticks..

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. My lips have been so dry lately with all the wind and cold, they need some TLC.

Another Softlips - Vitamin Enriched. I love my French Vanilla one so much i bought another, this one smells like cherries. :)

Two Miss Sporty Nail Polishes in red, and a greeny blue. (They have no names on them :/)

Soap & Glory Super Eyes Moisturising Eye Gel. Loving my Soap & Glory products so much i had to buy something else, will do a review on this once I've used it for a while.

A Ped Egg. No idea where the last one of these i had went when we moved so when i saw it in pink i had to have it!

I also bought some Bodyform.. Just because of the free lipgloss, i just can't help myself i see things i want them lol, and actually I'm not too impressed it's super sticky like it could stick your lips together.. Well not quite but it is very sticky.

And lastly i went to HMV and picked up the New Moon soundtrack (I'm listening to it as i write) cause i loved the movie so much, and i loved the Twilight soundtrack so i thought why not..

Okay, i think I've babbled on enough now, so thanks for reading! :)

Charlotte. xx


Nikki said...

I still cant find anywhere with sleek palettes! :( lucky thing you!

Great Haul!


Pyxiee said...

Yay for finding Sleek. My local superdrug doesn't stock it so I have to stock up when I go to a town further away!
I use the super eyes and I love it =) xx

xcharleym0ox said...

Nikki: Try emailing Sleek or ask in your local superdrug if they would consider stocking it? I asked superdrug (superdrugloves) on twitter, they said they'd pass along my message to my local superdrug.

Pyxiee: I know exactly what you mean i had to go to one of the larger towns in my area.
Glad to hear you like the super eyes, i just put some on. :)

hannahbabeyxo said...

Love the sleek palletes! :)
& those lipsticks look lovely im going to have a look at them!
& I loved new moon!! XO

Jo said...

Great haul hunny!! You won't be dissapointed with your Sleek Palette, but guess you already know that hehe. I also have Nude Delight.. LOVE IT! I recently did a review on Sopa & Glory Super Eyes too on my blog, so if you fancy reading how it fairs up.. pop over and have a nosey.

Jo.. xxx

VampiressDoll said...

Lovely haul! I need to get myself some softlips. x

xcharleym0ox said...

Jo: Heading over there now! :) xx