Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sorry ♥

I know, i know.. I've been neglecting my poor little blog and my lovely followers (yes you!) but I'm back now.. I don't really have a reason for being away, job centre stuff, laziness, not having much to write about, not having much inspiration.. So basically I've just been feeling too lazy lately to blog about anything lol.

An update on my life.. Well I've still been buying makeup and beauty products and I'm going to do a collective haul post tomorrow i thinks of what I've been buying whilst I've been away. I've been busy attending this stupid job centre thing where i have to go to this place with computers and papers etc to search for jobs for 6 hours each week (which i still think is pointless, i can do all this at home.. someone just give me a job already lol). My parents bought a new house so we'll be moving soon just as soon as all the paper work etc is done and i think that's about it. So yea i really have no excuse for being away but I'm back! I've missed blogging and my followers and all the comments, so I'm glad that I'm back and i can't wait to start blogging again! :)

Thanks for reading,
Charlotte. xx

Ps. R.I.P Patrick Swayze.. watched Dirty Dancing tonight in memory of him and his wonderful sexy dancing, he was a wonderful actor and he will be missed! :(

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