Monday, 28 September 2009

Mini Haul ♥

I dropped by Superdrug this morning with absolutely no idea of what i really wanted and i came out with these, i think i just needed a little bit of retail therapy lol.

I decided to buy a few nail polishes as i never really bother with my nails, i never paint them or anything and the only nail polishes that i own are so old i have no idea what brand they are because the labels have all rubbed off. So i figured why not buy a few cheep ones to start off my collection.

I bought two Collection 2000 Hot Looks polishes in 35 Dynasty (the lilac one), and 32 BMX Bandit (the blueish one), i also got the pink one which is called Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours but it doesn't say what the name is or even a number so i have no idea? But its very pretty. :)

I also grabbed a new concealer, the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer, my Mum bought one of these the other day and i liked the look of it so i decided to get one for myself, plus i think i really overlook Collection 2000 products so I've decided to try a few which lead to me buying the Collection 2000 Magi-Length Mascara in Ultra Black.. I believe they have this in black with glitter in it too which sounds interesting. I also like the look of the foundation that goes with the concealer that i bought and I'm really contemplating going back tomorrow and buying that, along with some nail varnish remover (silly me), can't paint my nails if i have nothing to take it off with can i? Lol..

I think I'm going to start doing more posts again like face of the day and nails of the day now that I'm starting my nail collection (even though I'm not very good at applying nail polish lol), so expect me to be not so MIA from now on! :)

Thanks for reading,
Charlotte. xx

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