Saturday, 11 July 2009

Too Faced Eyeshadow Duo Swatches ♥

Hello my dears, i figured i would do some swatches of my Too faced eyeshadow duos because i love them so much! :)

In order from left to right: The first two are Poodle Puff, the next two are Lovey Dovey, next two are Bon Bon, next two are George & Weezie, and the last two are Fantasy Island.

I adore these eye shadows they all have a nice soft texture, blend really easily and are also nicely pigmented. Another good thing about these duo eye shadows is that the two colours complement each other nicely so you never have to worry which eye shadows to pair up when your in a rush as you can always pick one of these up and know that they'll look good together. They are quite shimmery, but not in a huge chunky glitter kind of way, i haven't had much trouble with fall out especially using the Too Faced First Base eyeshadow base they stick nicely to it, the base also has a glittery sheen to it which really makes the shimmer in these eye shadows stand out whilst making the colour pop but it does tend to crease a little bit so i would recommend using Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath it (or any other eye primer that you have).

Thanks for reading,
Charlotte. xx

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