Tuesday, 14 July 2009

In's & Out's ♥

Well I've read a few of these on other peoples blogs and they're quite interesting to read so here's whats in and out for me right now:

In ♥

- Purple, I'm just loving this colour right now.

- Harry Potter, i recently decided that I'm going to re-read all my Harry Potter books since the new movie comes out this weekend! :D
- Twilight, it will always be in for me! ♥
- Too Faced Diamond Gloss, oh it just smells so delicious!
- MAC Colourcraft Collection, why didn't i save up for this everything looks so good, too bad i can't actually buy anything! :(

Out ♥

- Foundation, I'm fed up with it i just want one that is perfect for me and my skin!
- The weather, what is going on? One minute its sunny, the next its raining it just can't decide what to do.

- Not having a job, can't buy everything that i ever wanted! :(
- The job centre, they are no help at all!
- My neighbours, thank god we're moving!

Thanks for reading,
Charlotte. xx

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