Tuesday, 21 July 2009

MAC 187 Review ♥

This is going to be a review of the MAC 187 brush. I really don't know how i ever lived without this brush it just gives nice coverage and really blends out your foundation well. I have tried many different ways of applying my foundation from my fingers to sponges to normal flat foundation brushes and i never really liked the way my foundation applied when using those methods, it was either too little coverage or too much. When i bought this brush it was my first and only time so far buying from MAC, and my first time buying from any high end brand and i was a little hesitant with the prices being so high, i only bought 3 things and i managed to spend over £50 (the other 2 items were a blush and an eyeshadow). The other thing that i was also a little hesitant about was ordering online because my nearest MAC is about an hours drive away, I've since learnt to do some research on YouTube and Google before i make my next purchase from MAC as there are plenty of real life pictures and swatches out there to view, and i will defiantly be buying from them again when i have some money saved up.

But anyway enough rambling.. Back to the brush, it costs £29 which is a bit pricey for a brush and there are a lot of dupes out there, but i think it was money well spent as i now love the way my foundation applies and i don't think i could live without it. Another good thing about this brush is that it doesn't have to only be used with foundation, you can also use it with blush or any other kind of powder. It does seem to shed quite a bit though but I've heard that this is normal, what do you guys think? Do any of you have this brush, and if you do does it shed a lot?

The only bad thing i find about this brush is that it needs to be cleaned at least every 2 days (yes I'm lazy :P) as it can get quite clumped up with dry foundation and it makes the bristles go all stiff and when that happens it doesn't give as nice an application as when its clean and soft. But apart from that i love this brush!

So what do you girlie's use to apply your foundation?

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