Saturday, 17 April 2010

Product Rave - Original Source Shae Butter & Honey Shower Cream ♥

I popped into the pound shop the other day because i ran out of shower gel and i found this Original Source Shea Butter and Honey Shower Cream. I'm very into having soft moisturised skin at the moment, I've been moisturising every day lately so when i saw that this had shea butter in it i just had to buy it, plus for a pound you can't really go wrong.

What it says on the bottle:
It takes 49 bee miles to help make one bottle of this delectable skin nourishing shower cream. Shea butter and honey are both renowned for their ability to soften skin & improve elasticity. Smell it - go on, don't be shy. It's like the ambrosial nectar of the gods. Packed with natural stuff and a great choice for healthy, gorgeous, glowing skin.

I have tried some of the other Original Source shower gels before but i can't say that they really amazed me but this one has! When i get out of the shower after using this my skin feels so soft and moisturised, i actually feel like i don't really need to use moisturiser after using this, i still do but if i was in a rush and didn't have time to my skin would still feel soft. The smell of this isn't over powering either like some of the other Original Source shower gels its just a nice soft honey scent which i really like. Needless to say after using this i went back to the pound shop the next day and bought another two bottles, haha! :)

Have you tried any of the Original Source products?

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Charlotte. xx


VampiressDoll said...

Loved your review. I've tried their stuff in the past and just thought they were ok for the price. I'd love to try this one though, I love honey scents and anything moisturising, just hope the bees don't get me. x

Olivia said...

Great blog! I've tried a few of their shower gels before, like the mint and lemon ones and they really wake me up in the morning! I'd love to try this one though. xx

Alice Louise said...

I loooove the original Source products! My fave is the lime one to wake me up on a morning lol, its so fresh! I will have to give this one a try to hehe x

Hearst said...

"Bee miles" - How cute!

Katie @