Friday, 19 February 2010

NOTD - Milani Glitzy in Denim

Good morning girlies! :)

Here's what I'm currently wearing on my nails, Milani Glitzy in Denim which i bought yesterday. I really like this colour but it has a very thin sheer consistency and you have to use a lot of layers to get it to look anything like what it looks in the bottle.

Has anyone else noticed that Milani nail polishes that have more glitter in them seem to not be very pigmented? The Milani Mauve on Ice that i also bought isn't as glittery and seems to be more a lot more pigmented.

Do you have a favourite Milani nail polish?

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Charlotte. xx

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Anonymous said...

I have never tried Miami nail polishes, shall have to give them a go as that colour looks gorgeous! x