Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara Review ♥

I know i said that i wanted to do some mascara reviews with pictures to show you what the mascara looks like on my lashes, but apparently my camera doesn't like it when i zoom in to take a picture of my eye and i can't get a decent photo, which really sucks. Do any of you have any tips on how to take a close up of your eye without it going blurry or the flash completely washing everything out?

Anyway here is my review on the Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, sadly without pictures. :(

I own the original Colossal that they first came out with that has the yellow and purple packaging, and i also own the new 100% Black Colossal which has yellow and black packaging. So firstly since I'm talking about the packaging i have to say I'm really not keen on it, it just seems really bright and to me looks tacky which i think most of Maybelline's mascara packaging does. Whats wrong with a nice sleek black tube of mascara?

I guess it isn't the packaging that's important though and its the product inside that is. The brush in this mascara is your typical normal mascara brush. I don't know what it is about this brush, or it could be the formula but it really helps to give my lashes volume and really fans my lashes out and i really like the effect it gives.

As you all probably know Maybelline have tried to make this mascara smell like roses which really i think is a little pointless, who smells their mascara? Well except me for the purpose of this review haha! The original Colossal does have this smell of roses, although it kind of does smell like roses it doesn't smell very nice. The Colossal 100% Black however doesn't have this smell, i think that they have either toned it down or left it out all together because to me the 100% Black just smells like mascara.

Although this mascara gives your lashes volume it does i think make your lashes look quite natural which is then buildable to give a more dramatic effect, especially with the 100% Black. If you want a more natural look i would suggest going with the original which is noticeably lighter and looks a lot softer than the 100% Black.

So, would i buy this mascara again? Yes i think i would, I'm really liking this mascara at the moment and even though there are a lot of mascaras out there that i want to try I'd buy this one again because i know it works well for me.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and following! :)
Charlotte. xx


Ashwini said...

Great review! I struggle with taking eye pictures too. I am gonna see if I-Movie lets me take a still pic, and maybe that'll work better...who knows.

Phoebe said...

I love this mascara (I have the original) It's one of my all time favourite.
Have you turned macro on? If your camera has a little flower on it, press that and it should enable you to focus better when it's zoomed, otherwise try with as many different light situations as you can, i usually find that my bathroom has the best lighting for clear pics.

xcharleym0ox said...

Thanks Phoebe i'll give that a try tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

=/ It's a pity you couldn't get photos...For closeups, I usually put the camera on macro (the flower symbol) with no zoom and get the camera as close as I can to my eye. Hope that helps!
Great review, I definitely want to try this out. I need a new mascara anyway so this will be the one, I think! XO

Beautiful Bubbles said...

Hi Charlotte!

I'm a new blogger, i would love it if you could follow me too? I'm a new follower to you.

I purchased this mascara yesterday, and have done a little blog on it today, i think it's quite nice too!

Claire x