Thursday, 28 January 2010

Soap & Glory Super Eyes ♥

I've been using this for a while now so i think its time that i did a review!

Soap & Glory Super Eyes, Super Eyes Moisturising Eye Gel. Don't squint into the wind. In fact avoid any sort of squinting. It's unflattering, causes wrinkles, and can sully your mascara.

Includes depuffing caffeine, pro-vitamin panthenol, & soothing aloe vera juice.

Moist your eyes, and while you're at it, tighten them up too. Pat a layer of Super Eyes, Super Eyes around the contour of your eyes every morning and/or evening - whenever you feel like you need a little lift.

I have very sensitive eyes and my eyes tend to water quite a bit, especially when I'm outside in the wind and since I've been using Super Eyes it has really seemed to make a big difference in how much my eyes water, they don't water half as much as they used to. The consistency of this is like a gel and it goes onto the skin very smoothly and you can really feel that the skin around your eyes feels softer and tightened up. It really helps with puffy tired eyes in a morning but I'm not sure if it has made the circles around my eyes any less dark, or helped with any wrinkles around my eyes, i don't have many wrinkles so its hard for me to tell.

I would definitely re-purchase this though just for the fact that it really helps with my sensitive eyes, it's really annoying when you've done your makeup and then go outside on a windy day and your makeup gets ruined because your eyes are watering, its not a good look!

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Charlotte. xx


♥ Chloë ♥ said...

Sometimes my eyes water just for no reason which is so annoying and ruins my make-up, so might have to give this a go!! Thanks for sharing hun xxx

Juicygirl said...

hey chick thanks for this ive been looking to try this one out just never get round to it but now youve reminded me i'll be picking it up at the weekend lol xoxo

EmmaDazzle said...


Thank you for this review, My eyes water all the time and if you have found a cure then you are AMAZING.

Where can you get it from?

Emma x.x.x

xcharleym0ox said...

@EmmaDazzle you can get it from Boots xx