Friday, 15 January 2010

Share The Love ♥

I'm sure you've all seen the share the love videos on YouTube where people talk about their favourite YouTube guru's. Well i figured that i would do something similar in blog form of my favourite YouTube guru's but also of my favourite blogs because i always like to find new guru's to watch and new blogs to read.

I'm going to start with my favourite Youtubers.

1. Fafinettex3 - She was the very first person who i subscribed to on YouTube and through her i discovered the makeup community. She's been having some trouble with hackers deleting her account lately and it's happened again today which makes me really angry, don't people have anything better to do? I think her account is back up right now but there aren't any videos on there. She seems like such a sweet and lovely girl, i don't see how people can do that to her.

2. Gem's Maquillage - I really love watching this girl, i think she is my all time favourite guru. She does really great videos and just seems to be really genuine, i know i can trust what she says when she reviews a product. She also has a second channel where she does really interesting day in the life and random vlogs which you can find here, and a blog which you can find here.

3. xsparkage - This girl does really awesome tutorials and reviews and has one of those voices that are just really enjoyable to listen to. She also has a vlog channel here, and a blog here.

4. Moonbeamstarlight - I love watching this girl she can be so funny especially in her vlogs. She also does really great reviews and tutorials. You can find her vlog channel here and her blog here.

5. Zoella - This girl started out just writing blogs which is where i first found her but now she also does YouTube videos too, and they are fabulous! You can find her blog here.

Now onto my favourite bloggers. Wow, i never realised i followed so many blogs, i think I'm just going to mention their names or this will be a mile long.

1. *Dainty*Dollymix*
2. BrionyLou at B's Beauty Blog
3. Jo at Beautylicious Love
3. Ashwini at Clearly Beautiful
4. Computergirl at Computergirl's Musings!
5. Juicygirl
6. LipGlossGossip
7. Liparazzi
8. Lipstick Rules
9. Lollipop26 at Lollipop26Writes she also has a youtube channel here but i prefer her blog.
10. Meg at Meg Says
11. Laury at More makeup than sense
12. BeauMakeUp at Natalie Writes.... Beau MakeUp <3
13. Peonies and water lilies
14. Pyxiee at Pyxie
15. Shortiee31 at Shortiee's Beauty Blog
16. Caz at thisiscaz
17. ThoseThreeWords at ThoseThreeWordsx
18. Nikki at Visual Aspect '87
19. Charly at What Charly Thinks
20. Chloe at Make-Up Princess

I'd love to know who your favourite bloggers and youtubers are, so if you feel like doing a post like this I'll definitely read it!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and following! :)
Charlotte. xx


Caz said...

Aww thanks for the mention -I think i'll do something similar as i'd love to share some of my favourite youtubers :)

LipGlossGossip said...

Thank you so much for including me! You have no idea how much that means to me!! I really love glintzy on youtube! :-)

Peonies and water lilies said...

Thanks so much for the mention lovely. Good idea for a post, its a good way of discovering new blogs x

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Charlie, must check these recomended u tubers and bloggers out! I know I'm a Stylist and fashion blogger, but I just love being part of you fab beauty community!I always pick up so many great tips, when I visit, to try out on my clients!! Sharon xox

EmmaDazzle said...

MakeupbytiffinayD is also a great YouTuber and bloger

Computergirl said...

Awww. great list thanks for the mention. Will be checking out some of these :)
Emma x