Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award ♥

Another award.. I seem to be getting a lot of these lately, but I'm not complaining! :P

Thanks to the lovely Life Love and Lipgloss for tagging me! :) xx

The rules for this are: Post 7 facts that you don't know about me and then tag 5 bloggers.

1. I'm a total theme park addict, i get withdrawal symptoms if i don't go to a few theme parks a year lol.

2. Anything paranormal really interests me, I'm always watching shows like Most Haunted.

3. I have 2 cats called Oliver and Toffee.

4. I really want a pet hamster, i used to have one when i was younger and about a week after we got it it had babies and then once they were old enough to leave their mother my Dad took them back to the pet shop without telling me whilst i was at school. :(

5. I've never broken a bone but when i was about 4 i got run over and i started primary school with bruises and scratches all over me. I hope they didn't think my Mum was beating me up lol.

6. I'm 21 and I've never had a job in my life, I'm on job seekers allowance and i was hoping that by going to the job centre they would help me find a job but they just look down on you and think they're better than you and they really don't help at all. :/

7. Relating to number 6, my Mum wants to start an online business in my name.. I'll let you know more about it when it happens, its in progress right now.

And the 5 people I'm going to tag are... (Drum roll)


Thanks for reading, commenting, and following! :)
Charlotte. xx

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