Monday, 17 August 2009

True Blood Dead Until Dark Review ♥

I feel sad, i just finished reading this like this very second and i want the next one.. So, i just ordered it from :) yay!

(Warning please don't read if you haven't read the books and plan to because this may contain a few spoilers)

I did say i was going to review this book when I'd read it so that's what I'm going to do.. I really enjoyed this book, in ways it is very similar to Twilight but i can't say that i enjoyed it as much as i did Twilight. The reason for this is when i first started reading it i just felt like i was thrown into the story like there should have been more to it than what i was reading, and i didn't really feel that i got to know the characters very well at the beginning of the book, and i still don't feel like i know them very well now, they didn't come to life for me like the characters in Twilight did. Saying that, i do feel that if i continue to read the rest of the books i will get to know the characters better.

For example when i was reading i kept thinking who is this Sam character he seems a little weird to me, and i was so sure it was him committing the murders, but then towards the end of the book i got to know him a little better and i was thinking, well maybe he's actually not so bad. But i guess that's how its supposed to be written, to keep you guessing. Okay so that wasn't a very good example and i suppose me saying that i don't feel like i know Bill very well either because he seems so mysterious to me isn't a very good example either cause he's a vampire.. He's supposed to be mysterious lol.. Okay, so i think i just realised that I'm really not supposed to know the characters as in depth as i think i should just yet, which is also an incentive to keep reading so that i can get to know them better!

Hopefully the next book will get here soon so i can keep reading!

Thanks for reading my rather rambley review :D
Charlotte. xx

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