Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Everyday Minerals Blushes ♥

I used to absolutely love Everyday Minerals and i used it for about half a year before i realised that it was causing me to break out, so i threw out my foundations and totally forgot about the blushes until a few days ago.

So here are the blushes that i own from EM:
Top: Theme Park
Middle: Wake Up Call, DVR Saturday
Bottom: Pink Ribbon, Snuggle

They are super pigmented and you have to use them with a light hand, and as you can see all the blushes that i own have shimmer in them because i like a bit of shimmer on my cheeks and i know some people don't but they do have different categories for their blushes; Matte, Sheen, and Shimmer. So whatever blush type you like they'll have one for you.

I would definitely recommend these blushes if your into mineral makeup, but i don't think i would buy them again just because of the hassle of having to have them shipped over from the US. There was talk of them having a UK website but I'm still to see it, but hopefully they might sometime in the future! :)

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte. xx

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