Thursday, 6 August 2009

Colours ♥

When it comes to choosing colours for your eyeshadow do you ever have a problem? I have really pale skin and sometimes darker shades look a bit too much on me, even if I'm going for a brown neutral everyday look if i use a brown that is too dark it can look too much on me. I also have a problem with black eyeshadow i can't for the life of me make it look good on me!

Don't get me wrong though i love to use bold bright colours like greens and purples, etc.. I think these look best on me but when it comes to colours like dark browns and black i think i tend to look muddy, or like i have a black eye or something.

What are your favourite colours to use on your eyes, and do you have any suggestions as to what would look best on a pale person like me?

Thanks for reading,
Charlotte. xx

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LipGlossGossip said...

A few tips to try is always tap off your brush before applying to your eyelid, using a fluffy brush will help deposit less color, also using a lighter color but one that can be intensified will help too.

Black can be a scary color to use and work with, especially something like MACs Carbon.
Sometimes if I want to darken my outer corner but feel like Carbon is too much then the black I always go to is ELFs color in Dusk. I would say it's a soft black but you can build up the color. As for a brown maybe something like MACs Cork or Charcoal Brown. They are mid-tone brown colors that can both be built up in color. Hope this helps. :-)