Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Five Good Things ♥

I saw this on Peonies and Water Lilies blog where she wrote 5 good things to make herself feel more positive. I've been feeling quite negative today myself, so i thought i would give it a go.

1. Lots of new makeup. I've been buying a lot of new makeup recently and makeup always makes me feel more positive about myself when I'm wearing it, plus its fun to try out new things, create new looks, and find new favourites.

2. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. I hate Christmas shopping whenever i try to go and buy something for someone else i usually end up with something for myself instead. Plus the shops just seem so much more crowded around Christmas and they play Christmas songs over and over in every shop and i just end up with a headache.

3. WHSmiths. This is relevant to number 2. They never play music in there and its always so quiet, its sometimes a relief to go in there and just browse the books in the peace and quiet before going back out into the mayhem.

4. Reading. I love to read and its always good to escape into someone else's life in a book when your fed up with your own life. I recently bought Evermore The Immortals, which i think is a new series. It will be interesting to follow a series right from the beginning I've never done that before.

5. Christmas goodies. Does anyone else stock up on extra junk food to eat over Christmas? My parents do every year, Doritos and dip is my favourite! :)

What are your five good things?

Thanks for reading, commenting, and following! :)
Charlotte. xx

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Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

I'm having a crummy day too so thanks for posting this! Here are mine:

1. Reveling in a large Thanksgiving makeup haul!
2. Getting my Mario Badescu samples in the mail yesterday
3. reading "The kid who climbed Everest" (it makes me thankful for simple things like oxygen)
4. getting my gym routine back
5. finishing my food in the fridge before buying new stuff!