Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Festive Tag ♥

I just saw this on Sparkles and Lipgloss's blog, and since its Christmas Eve tomorrow i thought it would be a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit! Yay, are you all as excited as i am? :D

Favourite Colour? - Pink!

Facebook? - Yes, but only for my real life friends. Theres just too much personal info on there that i don't wish to share.

Favourite Christmas Song? - Jingle Bell Rock.. Although i have been singing let it snow, let it snow, let it snow a lot lately as its been snowing and i love it when it snows! :)

Christmas Tree Real or Fake? - Fake, we've never had a real Christmas tree my Mum thinks they're too messy.

Hottest Celebrity? - Taylor Lautner, oh so hot in New Moon!

Favourite Restaurant? - Any Indian restaurant, i love Indian food!

Favourite Magazine? - I don't really read magazines, that sounds bad but i actually don't lol.

Favourite Holiday Drink? - Holiday drink, no idea but i love vodka and coke.

Favourite Christmas Movie? - A Nightmare Before Christmas, and Muppet's Christmas Carol! I used to watch these every year without fail when i was little. Ah, happy memories! :)

Feel free to do this tag if you want to, i tag all of you!! :)

Thanks for reading, commenting, and following!
Charlotte. xx

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SparklesandLipgloss said...

I love Taylor Lautner too! Can't go wrong with a vodka and coke! Lol :) xx