Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Gifts ♥

Yay for gifts!! My parents came back from their holiday today and they brought me some little pressies back! Aww aren't parents sweet! :)

So what did they get me:

2 necklaces, one with a little C on it, and one with 2 dolphins and a little heart on it.

A pair of earrings.

A box of chocolates.

And lastly the thing I'm most excited about, a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, which i think is called Summer Fragrance I'm not sure, but it smells nice! :)

Thanks for reading, if you want a closer picture of anything just leave a comment. :)

Charlotte. xx


Juicygirl said...

Hi just came across your blog & thought I'd say helllooo I love it when my parents so on hols cute blog BTW xoxo

xcharleym0ox said...

Hellooo :) and thank you! xx