Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Random Rambles ♥

Okay, so i figured i just need to let all this out because I'm becoming very stressed lately, please don't feel that you have to sit through this and listen (or read) to my rambley problems, if you don't want to hear my problems i advise that you stop reading now.. here it goes..

So.. We've been having some trouble with our next door neighbours lately, and i don't live in a bad area and there is hardly ever anything bad that happens around here but since we've started having a few arguments with the neighbours (it mostly started with the fact that theres not enough parking space around here, and my Mum's car being too close to next doors car etc etc..) and then it's just escalated from there over stupid nothingness, and all its been is a few silly arguments with next door threatening my Dad a few times but that's all. But recently bad things have been happening like my Dad's car having a huge scratch down the side of it, his tires slashed, blocks of concrete being thrown at the conservatory (they missed the window thank god, but smashed all the plastic around the bottom) and this has all started to get to me and my family. We've put our house up for sale but with things being the way they are at the moment we haven't had anyone interested in buying it, and all we want to do is get out of here. So now I'm feeling like I'm living in Fort Knox because we've had to put cameras up all around our house to try and catch whoever is doing these things, we've tried to get the police involved but they say theres nothing they can do when they can't be sure who it is that's doing it. It's actually kind of scary and upsetting..

Another thing i wanted to ramble about and get out of my system is the job centre, and don't get me wrong i appreciate that they pay me job seekers allowance while i search for work because if it wasn't for them i wouldn't have any money at all but they are really starting to p**s me off! I went to the job centre today for a 6 month interview because I've been signed on for 6 months and i was told that i have to go to some random place for 6 hours a week that has computers and telephones etc and they expect me to spend 6 hours a week in there searching for a job at this place when it takes me like 5 minutes at home to look for jobs on the internet and apply for them.. What the hell am i supposed to do for 6 hours a week? And if i don't go there for 6 hours a week then i lose my job seekers allowance.. I mean really all I'm trying to do is find a job without them sticking their noses in everywhere they can, and i wouldn't mind if i knew they were going to help me find a job, but they just really don't seem to care, and look down their noses at me because i don't have a job.. The only reason i went there is because I've never had a job before and I've left college and finished my education and thought that they would help me to find a job.. (Yes I'm 20 and I've never had a job, I've never had the need for one, but i guess i was lucky in that my Mum has kept me and paid for the things that i needed (she never gave me pocket money though, lol), its not such a good thing though when you actually need to find a job after leaving college etc, people don't want you because you've got no experience).

Ugh anyway i think i feel a bit better now so congrats to you if you got this far lol, I'm not asking for your sympathy but thanks for reading and listening to my problems.. It is a blog after all! :)

Charlotte. xx


LipGlossGossip said...

I hope you guys are able to find out who is doing this to you with those cameras you set up.

Becky said...

thats awful about your neighbours, we have been having some trouble on my street 2, i have lived here a few years and its been nice and quiet but the last few months theres been trouble on the weekends with drunk teenagers and its not very nice, good luck with the job hunt , im sure youl find something soon hun xx