Friday, 14 August 2009

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation ♥

I've been using this foundation now for a few weeks so i figured i would do a review on it since i think its been long enough for me to be able to give an honest opinion on it.

I love this foundation, i think that I've finally found my HG foundation! Which is amazing for me because I've been struggling with foundations for a while now, so now I'm very happy :) yay!

So lets start with why i love this foundation:
- It doesn't break me out, or at least it hasn't so far and i think it would have by now if it was going to.
- It lasts all day, and doesn't transfer onto my clothes.
- It's a good colour for me which is amazing because i find it really difficult finding good foundation colours since I'm so pale.
- It doesn't look cakey at all.
- It dries quite fast to a matte finish which i really like.
- It has really good coverage and i only need to use a light layer of it.

Now for some things that i don't like about this foundation:
- It doesn't control oil as good as the Revlon Colourstay foundation did but its fine if you use a good oil control moisturizer underneath or an oil control primer.
- The bottle, you have to squeeze the foundation out which means if you get too much you can't put it back. I still prefer foundations with pumps, but this foundation is amazing so it more than makes up for it. :)

I would definitely recommend this foundation, i love Max Factor i think they have very good quality products.

Thanks for reading,
Charlotte. xx

P.S. ELF haul coming soon, i just ordered! Yay! :D

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